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St Peter's is a very special place for me because not only did my wife and I have our wedding reception there in 2012 but in 2014 I started using it as a place of study in Bible handling and ministry training. Its history and my memories of it make it one of my favourite buildings in the whole city!

Jason Yallop, a former city worker now training in Bible ministry, at St Peter's for training sessions and a place of study

I came to know Christ through the weekly Bible studies at St Peter's and have been a member of the Mandarin congregation that meets there for five years. Every Sunday afternoon we hear God's words, which are sweeter than honey and more precious than gold, explained in Chinese. Over the years, we have grown into a loving family in Christ which is immensely important for people who are far away from their home. We also enjoy using St Peter's to hold a number of guest events every year, the highlight being the Chinese New Year event when we can share the gospel and also amazing Chinese food with hundreds of people. Being a beautiful building in the City, the venue attracts a growing number of Mandarin speaking visitors. It has also been a pivot point for Chinese people to come and learn about Jesus, and be equipped to share the message back in China where there are 1.3 billion people!

Betty, a PhD student at UCL, at St Peter's attending Sunday services and midweek Bible studies

The link between St Peter's and the Worshipful Company of Poulters dates back to the 14th century for it is the parish church of Leadenhall Market, which by that time was well established as a poultry market.

A service attended by the Master, Wardens, Court and Livery of the company is held annually in St Peter's in pursuance of the Will of Robert Warden, Poulter, who died on the 28th November 1609. He left money for the poor of the parish of St Peter as well as money for two sermons to be preached annually for ever at St Peter's, one to be on Ash Wednesday and the other (now discontinued) on the 10th March. He was twice married in the church and is buried in the church as are both his wives. Displayed near the south entrance to the church is the company banner, presented by Nathaniel Baldick, Master in 1692.

It is wonderful to see the church thrive in the present day and we hope it will for many centuries to come.

Bertie Gilbart-Smith, Poulter and Church Warden

On the south side of this high streete is the Parish church of S. Peter vpon Cornehill, which seemeth to be of an ancient building, but not so ancient as fame reporteth, for it hath been lately repayred, if not all new builded, except the steeple, which is ancient: the roofe of this Church, and glasing was finished in the raigne of E. the fourth, as appeareth by armes of Noble men, and Aldermen of London then liuing: there remayneth in this Church a table wherein it is written, I know not by what authority, but of a late hand, that king Lucius founded the same church to be an Archbishops sea Metropolitane, & chief church of his kingdom, & that it so endured the space of 400. years, vnto the coming of Augustin the Monk.!

John Stow, noted English historian and antiquarian in his best known work 'A Survey of London' (1603)

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